About Frugal Granola

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    Hi! I'm Michele, creator of Frugal Granola.

  • Are you tired of spending your grocery budget on disposable items that you toss into the trash... and then need to go buy more?
  • Are you discouraged by the amount of time you spend running errands "just to pick up a few things" from the market... again?
  • Are you wondering how to rediscover joy in the blessings of everyday tasks... as you pack lunches, head to the office, toss in a load of laundry, and get the family packed up for outings & trips?

In 2007, our family jumped into the adventure of living simply and sustainably, soon after adopting our first baby. By 2008, I had rediscovered the blessings of homemaking, and delighted in sharing my creative solutions for frugal, natural living.

I began writing the Frugal Granola blog, as well as offering some of my handmade solutions in the shop. Our simple living lifestyle soon included some unique surprises and challenges, such as unemployment, a joyous natural pregnancy after infertility, relocating (in faith) out-of-state, and other incredible seasons.

Through it all, we have appreciated all that we have been given, and seek to be good stewards of our resources, while supporting ethical, sustainable pursuits.

We enjoy encouraging, equipping, and inspiring others as we share our lives in community. At the beginning of 2010, we delved into passionately pursuing this on a daily basis, as we interact with others through friendship, volunteering, mentoring, and community relationships.

As we have sought to balance these passions with the necessities of daily life (like that monthly grocery list), we decided to take a new journey of faith with {Shop} Frugal Granola. We have moved it from a hobby basis into a family business pursuit.

We thoroughly appreciate the community and support that has surrounded us. I especially love sharing my joy in immersing myself in the beauty of fabrics to create quality, handmade items for friends, family, and clients. Let me know your favorites, or if you have a request!

Frugal Granola donates a percentage of profits to Living Water International. Will you join me?

I'd love to hear from you!